Planning and Approvals

Our consultants have extensive experience in planning and approvals, and are industry leaders in facilitating decision making to accomplish project goals while affording consideration to the environment and legislative context.

Our specialist Planning and Approvals services include:

  • Commonwealth Referrals and Approvals (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999)

  • Strategic Offsetting Analysis, Biobanking and Stewardship Site Assessments (Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016)

  • Controlled Activity Approvals (Water Management Act 2000)

  • Council Development Applications and Assessments

  • Land Rezoning Assessments

  • Feasibility and Constraints Assessments


Understanding the ecological value of a site is crucial to assessing any potential impacts on the natural environment.

Our ecological consultants can provide:

  • Flora and Fauna Assessments

  • Biodiversity Offset Scheme Analysis

  • Biodiversity Assessment Methodology (BAM)

  • Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports (BDAR)

  • Threatened Species Survey

  • Aquatic Ecology Assessments

  • Pre-clearance Surveys

  • Nest Box Installation

  • Tree Felling Supervision

  • Dam Dewatering Plans

  • Fauna Relocation

  • Vegetation Management Plans


We offer expert advisory and assessment services to manage environmental issues and find our clients the right solution.

Our environmental discipline covers:

  • Riparian and Top of Bank Assessments

  • GIS Services

  • Review of Environmental Factors (REF)

  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 Site Assessments

  • Soil and Waste Classification

  • Soil and Water Testing

  • Licensing and Compliance