Field Gear Rental

Lodge Environmental has a gear library of technical wildlife monitoring equipment available for rental. Please email [email protected] for a quote.

Rental items:

  • AudioMoths:
    • The AudioMoth is an open-source acoustic monitoring device used for monitoring wildlife. The AudioMoth is not only sensitive to audible sounds but well into ultrasonic frequency range. It records uncompressed audio from 8000 up to 384,000 samples per second onto micro SD card. AudioMoths are growing in popularity for passive survey of fauna species, in particular, Koalas during the breeding season.
  • Anabat Ultrasonic Acoustic Monitoring Devices:
    • Anabat Express Passive Bat Detector – The lightest, most compact and easy-to-use passive zero crossing bat detector on the market.
  • Camera Traps and Bait Stations.